• I already know I want to be a Beach Hut Deli Franchisee, what should I do next?

    Please complete and submit the online Request for Information Form. A representative of Beach Hut Deli will contact you right away.

  • Do I need prior experience in the food business?

    No. If you don’t have prior experience in the food business, this is a retail business that requires management and personnel relationship skills. If you like to be around people, we will teach you all the skills necessary to run a successful Beach Hut Deli. We have very successful Beach Hut Deli operators who love their business and who had never worked in the food business before contacting us to become a franchisee. We have developed a comprehensive program and have been operating Beach Hut Deli’s since 1981.

  • Do I have to personally manage my Beach Hut Deli?

    We strongly recommend that you work full time in the operation of your Beach Hut Deli. However, after you have demonstrated you can successfully operate your business, the day to day operation of your store may be handled by a manager who has received the required training, but only then under your direct supervision.

  • Are there uniform operating procedures at Beach Hut Deli?

    Yes. Beach Hut Deli has developed comprehensive and uniform operating procedures to help ensure the quality of the food and the environment. This also helps to maintain your store’s profitability. We have a comprehensive confidential Operations Manual that contains our method of operation which we provide to you when you become a franchisee. The Operations Manual contains all aspects of the operation of your Beach Hut Deli including store operating procedures, quality control, staff management, scheduling, accounting, grand opening, marketing, promotion, sandwich artistry, product guide, vendors, and much more.

  • What does Beach Hut Deli’s training program consist of?

    Each new franchisee must complete at least 131 hours of training. Most of the training is on the job training consisting of hands on operation of deli procedures taught by our founder, Troy Feist and others from our Beach Hut staff. We train you in all aspects of the operation of the franchise including build out, inventory, suppliers, marketing, promotion, operation of the cash register, POS system, gift cards, customer service, and sandwich artistry.

  • What initial services do I receive?

    We will assist you in the development phase of your store. We will coordinate your site selection process with our commercial real estate broker. We have a comprehensive Pre-Opening guide which provides the information necessary to plan your initial store design, equipment specifications, food vendors and information necessary to complete your store and have it ready to open. When you have your grand opening, we will be personally present to ensure a smooth opening. A Beach Hut Deli representative will be at your store for at least the first week after your store opens.

  • What kind of ongoing support does Beach Hut Deli provide?

    The support and assistance you receive is comprehensive and complete. It begins the moment you are awarded a franchise and continues throughout your business relationship with us. We provide ongoing research, supervision, training and support. We are available to answer your questions concerning operations and will visit your store to ensure compliance with our method of operation.

  • What products am I required to sell?

    You are required to sell only Beach Hut Deli approved products and approved menu items. Any additional items must be approved by us in writing and must be consistent with Beach Hut Deli’s food and flavor profile.

  • Where do I purchase the food products?

    To ensure quality, consistency, uniformity, and convenience for our franchisees, products are purchased through pre-approved vendors and are all specified in our Pre-Opening Guide and Operations Manual.

  • How do I select the right site?

    Beach Hut Deli’s commercial real estate broker will work with you to identify potential sites based on demographics and our Beach Hut Deli site selection profile. Once identified, we will approve your site only if it meets all the Beach Hut Deli criteria. Each location varies based on a number of factors that are unique to each area.

  • What is the normal size of a Beach Hut Deli?

    The size of a Beach Hut Deli can range from 1400 to 2200 square feet, depending on the demographics and the type of location being leased. Most Beach Hut Delis are 1400 to 1800 square feet.

  • How long does it take to open my Beach Hut Deli?

    There are a number of factors which can affect this, the biggest of which is locating a quality site. On average, it takes six months from the date the lease is signed, or about ninety days after commencement of tenant improvements.

  • How much is the franchise fee?

    For first time franchisees, the franchise fee is Thirty-Five Thousand ($35,000) dollars. For subsequent locations, the franchise fee is Nineteen Thousand ($19,000) dollars. For an Ohana applicant, the franchise fee is Twenty Thousand ($20,000) dollars. An Ohana applicant is defined as a person who has had the equivalent of at least 3 years of full time work experience in a Beach Hut Deli

  • What is the term of the franchise agreement?

    The term of the franchise agreement is ten (10) years.

  • What happens at the end of the 10 year term?

    After the original 10 year term, you may renew the franchise agreement every 5 years, provided that you remain in good standing. There is not a fee to renew.

  • How much is the continuing royalty and services fee?

    The continuing royalty fee is 5.5% of gross sales.

  • How much is the advertising fee?

    The advertising fee is 1.5% of gross sales.

  • What is the investment required to open a Beach Hut Deli?

    The total investment necessary to begin operation of your Beach Hut Deli franchise will range from $228,495 to $548,415. This includes the initial franchisee fee of $35,000. We recommend you have a minimum net worth of at least $400,000 and minimum liquid cash of $200,000. These amounts may vary according to your credit score and other variables unique to your own situation.

  • I am very interested, what is my next step?

    Please complete and submit the online Request for Information Form. A representative of Beach Hut Deli will contact you promptly.

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