Do I Need Restaurant Experience?

You’re not required to have prior experience in the food service business to operate a Beach Hut Deli. We have very successful operators with very different professional backgrounds without restaurant experience prior to becoming a franchisee. Our operations team will teach you all the skills necessary to run a successful business. We will share our knowledge and experience of over 35 years in operating successful Beach Hut Delis.


Why A Franchise Vs Opening My Own Business

When you invest in a franchise, you’re buying into an established brand, you’re not starting a business from scratch. We have developed an extensive method of operation that works when followed properly. Beach Hut Deli has established amazing recipes of gourmet sandwiches and freshly prepared salads, all delivered in an inviting atmosphere that sets us apart from our competitors. We also provide you with operational expertise and marketing direction. We’ve developed an organized and systematic process that guides you through site selection, lease negotiation, design and the build-out of your restaurant. We have strong relationships with our distributors & vendors and are able to secure chainwide competitive pricing.


Do I Have To Manage The Beach Hut Deli?

We strongly recommend that you work full time in the operation of your Beach Hut Deli. The most successful operators in our franchise community are hands on owners that are involved in day to day operations. However, after you have demonstrated you can successfully operate your business, operations of your store may be handled by a manager, under your direct supervision, who has received the required training and our approval. Many of our franchisees are very successful multi-unit operators. Our philosophy is that you cannot successfully own and manage multiple units until you have demonstrated an ability to successfully run and manage a single unit.