Comprehensive program in operations

Beach Hut Deli has developed comprehensive and uniform operating procedures to help ensure the quality of the food and the overall Beach Hut Deli vibe. This also helps to maintain your store’s profitability. We have a detailed Operations Manual that explains our method of operations which we provide to you when you become

Each new franchisee must complete at least 131 hours of training covering all of the information explained in the operations manual. Most of the training is hands on operation of deli procedures taught by our operations staff. This training will be conducted in an operating Beach Hut Deli prior to your restaurant opening. We train you in all aspects of the operation of the franchise including, hiring, staff management, inventory, accounting, suppliers, marketing, customer service, and sandwich artistry.


Grand opening support

Our training staff will be on site at your Beach Hut Deli prior to opening. We’ll assist in employee evaluation, training of your new employees and organizing the restaurant to ensure it’s ready to open for business. Our operations staff will continue to be on site after the opening to ensure that operational standards are in place setting you up to capitalize on a successful launch of the business.


Ongoing training

The support and assistance you receive is comprehensive and complete. It begins the moment you are awarded a franchise and continues throughout your business relationship with us. We’ll deliver continual research, supervision, training and support. We are available to answer your questions concerning operations and will visit your store to ensure compliance with our methods of operation. Our focus is to provide you with all the tools necessary to achieve an ongoing profitable bottom line.