Broker network

Our staff, along with our designated commercial real estate broker, will work with you to identify potential locations based on demographics and our site selection profile. We’ll evaluate each location and approve the site based on our criteria for a successful Beach Hut Deli.


Site criteria/approval process

We conduct a thorough approval process based on the following site criteria:

  • Household Income and daytime population within a 3 mile radius
  • Business campuses/Large employers within that radius
  • Existing power centers, lifestyle centers, inline strip and future developments
  • Tenant Synergy within the shopping center
  • Ingress and Egress
  • Visibility to passing traffic
  • Traffic counts on surrounding streets
  • Parking allocated for the site
  • Current businesses performance/sales within the center
  • Cost per square foot for comparable centers
  • Build-out costs associated with the site

Additional site criteria will be addressed and evaluated per location. Only a premier location will provide you with the best opportunity for a successful business and we’re determined to provide that through this process.


LOI/Lease negotiation

When a potential location has been approved, a letter of intent (LOI) will be submitted in conjunction with our broker. We have an established LOI that begins the draft lease process and we’ll continue to work with you until a final lease has been signed