Our Beach Hut Deli customer

Beach Hut Deli appeals to a broad demographic: families, teenagers, college students, blue collar workers, high level executives, the young and the wise. We enjoy being a family-friendly restaurant and chose to be very active in our local communities and schools


Unveiling your Beach Hut

Prior to opening your Beach Hut Deli, we develop a marketing strategy that will introduce our amazing food and your new business to the community. Presenting our food will help hook customers driving them into your new restaurant. Our initial philosophy is simple, we have the most amazing sandwiches, so let’s get them out in the community for people to experience them. We deliver 90 party trays in 90 days targeting businesses, fire departments, local schools, hospitals and the tenants in our own and neighboring shopping center. The best way to create a buzz is a great experience, which will lead to word of mouth advertising. Something we have built this brand on. Those 90 trays will be delivered free to the people that will ultimately become your daily customers spending time and money over years to come.

As we get close to opening we’ll conduct a Friends, Family and VIP night to unveil your new business! This is our opportunity to perform a trial run with the new staff before officially opening to the public. This free three to four hour event is a great way to introduce Beach Hut Deli to your community, complete training and help eliminate any opening day issues.


Rolling out our catering program

Promoting and building a catering program is another immediate marketing strategy to get the business off to a successful start. We’ll train and educate your staff on the different catering options, helping them to fully understand the process and the follow up. Our process is simple, and it will help you acquire catering customers from large employers and promote your business through local events in your trade area. Building a strong catering program starts with building great relationships and those relationships become a very important aspect of the Beach Hut Deli business.


Making Beach Hut Deli a venue

We will train you on the traditional methods of successful marketing. Whether it’s promotion, social media, billboards, radio, etc., but let’s focus on one of the things that differentiates Beach Hut Deli from other deli concepts. It’s not just the amazing food and craft beer that draws customers back, it’s the welcoming culture of the staff and the laid back beach vibe that leaves an impression. The atmosphere customers experience at lunch leaves them wanting to come back in the evening and on the weekends. We’ll train you on how to promote your Beach Hut Deli as a venue in the evening through live entertainment, trivia night, sporting events, craft brewery tastings and fundraising events for local community programs. Your Beach Hut will be the place people want to be!