Where do I get my food service products?

To ensure consistency and uniformity, products are purchased through our pre-approved vendors that are specified in our Pre-Opening Guide and Operations Manual. Creating a relationship with our vendors allows us to provide high quality products ensuring a consistent experience for our customers at any Beach Hut Deli. We require that you sell only Beach Hut Deli approved products as well as approved menu items. We are open to discussing new ideas to improve our brand and suggestions for new menus items, however it is imperative approval has been issued by us. This helps us maintain consistency with our food and flavor profile.

How do I source equipment?

With over 35 years of experience in the restaurant industry, we’ve vetted all the equipment and pricing that is currently installed at each new Beach Hut Deli. Through our vendors, we look to provide reliable equipment and deliver a package that’s priced competitively and works efficiently in our build-out.


Leverage of franchise volume

When you invest in a Beach Hut Deli, you’ve become a part of our entire community. As a community, we have strength in our numbers that allows us to negotiate pricing through our volume. In establishing a long term relationship with our vendors we can leverage pricing to your advantage.